Believe it or not I'm sitting on a seaside patio in Hawaii doing Zulu Hotel stuff. It's been a rainy day and my wife is at the pool with our 2-year-old daughter so I figured, why not?

Work is still ongoing, and the good news is that we've figured out the last few hurdles that were in our way to making the Magic system work the way we wanted. The bad news is that fruity drinks, sun, and sand are getting in the way of my productivity. In any case, a few questions were asked on IRC and I didn't answer because I've not been very diligent at checking IRC lately. So without further ado:

Q: Kieeps asks if we will strip anything "non-zuluish" out of the server such as Champion Spawns. A: I wrote in IRC that the short answer is "yes" but the more I think about it the more I think that's a bad answer. We're going to have an invite-only playable beta very soon, probably within the next month. It's highly unlikely that that playable beta will feature Champion Spawns or other capstone content, but that doesn't mean we're stripping it from the game. The code is still there, but the spawns are disabled. Specifically regarding Champion Spawns we may introduce them in the future (or not, depending on what players want to see) but other OSI-specific systems will likely be out. You won't see Imbuing in the final product, for example. Q: A user named "bol" asked if Zulu Hotel is open-source or free-software and if they could try a beta/see the documentation. A: The documentation isn't really available or written yet, but the answer to the first question is yes. We're building this server on top of RunUO and ServUO which are both licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 2, which you can read about on