The original UO map holds a special place in my heart. I have so many fun nostalgic memories of getting wrecked at the Britain Grave Yard by PKs, frantic attempts to get to my corpse that's being camped by a balrog or something, and so many hijinx.

But unfortunately there aren't as many UO players as there used to be, and Felucca is just too massive to support a population of even a few hundred players. And that's to say nothing of T2A.

A few years ago, the Rel Por shard launched, burned bright in glory, and then died a swift death. Reasons for this are complicated and depend on who you ask, so I won't get into it here. What everyone who played Rel Por agrees on, though, is that the map was fantastic. One central city with a ring of smaller towns around it, and the landmasses carefully constructed to funnel players together to maximize the chances of player interaction. It just so happens that the Rel Por people released their map to the public, and I've decided to use it for Zulu Hotel. After all, they say good artists imitate but great artists steal outright.

(Click to enlarge)

Behold, the world of Sosaria! At its center, New Britain, where Lord British has re-established his rule following the cataclysm that destroyed Felucca. Everyone starts there, and fans out from the center. There is plenty of space for housing and hunting and pvp all together, and yet it's only about a third the size of the original UO landmass.