Well, we've just finished our first week in Beta and I'm absolutely thrilled at the response so far. There are about 40 people idling in Discord and sadly just 2 in IRC. Oh well.

Exactly as planned, beta testing turned up quite a few bugs of varying severity. I'm pleased to report nobody's found a bug that has a security impact (i.e. gain privileges or crash the server). I've expanded my TODO list greatly, and also mashed a few bugs, including but not limited to:

On my list of "known bugs" are (among others):

On these last three, I would like to point out that I'm specifically testing PVP at this time. I'm noting all the bugs down but we're going to do a dedicated crafting blitz in a week or two. Part of the reason we're not working on this yet is because Daleron is busy hacking away at a minimalist client updater, so that we can update e.g. the cliloc strings (required to fix the crafting gump) without making people re-download 1.3 GB of data. I'll get him to do a guest blog about his updater when it's released.

In the meantime, I've been seeing great activity in fits and starts, and watching groups of 4 get pwn3d by the balron has been hilarious. Looking forward to clearing out a bunch of bugs so that I can get going on adding content.

Future plans include (in no particular order):

See you soon!