Devblog posts

Retrospective: First week of Beta

Looking back on a week of Beta Testing

Battle Royale

PUBG in my UO? Heck yes.

Beta Keys

In which we examine a novel method of generating access tokens.

Armor Rating and the Protection Spell

I think a lot of folk misunderstand the amount of work that has to go into taking a stock RunUO install and paring it down to the T2A or Renaissance era with any degree of fidelity. With AOS and its wacky new protection stats system, anyone developing a pre-AOS server really needs to pick through the source rather meticulously.

Q and A

Answering some questions that popped up on IRC.

Humility (no, not the shrine)

In which I learn the hard way what happens when one assumes. Turns out it's not so easy to predict how computers perform.

Skillgain Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

I my previous post I talked a little bit about skills and skillgain. In this post I take a more in-depth look and discuss some different ways to make skillgain and difficulty dynamically scalable.

Macroing and Skill-gain

Let's look at skills and skillgain together.

Resource density maps for fun and profit

Let's face it. UO's crafting is simplistic and not super fun. You double click your hammer, double click the ore, click some menus, clank clank clank, and you've got a new...