Legends never truly die.

Beta Testing

On 25 October 2019, we opened the server to a limited group of playtesters to conduct focused testing of specific game systems before we move on to other aspects of a full-fledged UO server. That test phase is ongoing, and more invite codes spawn as loot. You can get in on the action if you get your hands on a code!

Test priorities

The test priorities are subject to change as we finalize development, and will at one point cover all aspects of a server including PVP, the game economy, PVE/PVM, all in-game skills, and other systems on an as-required basis.

As of server version 19.9.28, the current priorities are, in no particular order:

Note that we are explicitly not testing resource gathering/crafting at this time, as there are a few known issues still to be worked out with that engine.

How to get an Invite Code

You can read a little bit about how Invitation Codes work on the development blog post. Invite codes drop as loot on monsters, and players can share/trade/destroy/steal/loot them like any other item. To get from the Lobby island into the Beta you need to issue the [beta textcommand from your game client, and then correctly enter the invite code. Each code can only be used once.