Update: 13 July 2017

Zulu Hotel Canada will return in 2017. We are working hard to ensure this happens, and the plan is to launch a playable beta in late September.

The playable beta will run until the server is "live" and then we will assess whether gold/item wipes are necessary (i.e. maybe there was a duping bug and the economy is wrecked). Characters and skills will not be wiped unless there is no other option.

The server will adopt a slightly different approach than many that have come before it. Whereas many servers aimed to increase the skill cap, sometimes up to 200+, and the bonus per level was hiked to ridiculous levels, we will not do this. We are going to aim to recreate a blend of the original ZH2 and ZH3 servers, correct balance and other issues, and then move forward there in a new direction while staying true to Dean Parker's original vision.

I believe the success of a server comprises 3 elements: the server/gameplay itself, the players, and the staff. If any of these three elements fail, then the server and community as a whole will eventually implode.

Staff will be expected to be:

Past shards have failed because of animosities that arose between players and staff, or between current and former staff. Often you have a triumvirate: A "host" who's just a guy with money to pay for hosting, the "head admin" who is usually the actual project lead, and the lone "scripter admin" who holds all the real power and eventually burns out. That is not the case here. We have two developers at present, and possibly a third coming on board later. We already have a dedicated server in a datacentre somewhere in the US waiting for us.

Players will be expected to adhere to a code of conduct that we'll get around to formalizing at some point in the future, but it can be summed up as: don't be toxic.

We all have lives and families and jobs nowadays. If you want to be the kind of player that's going to drive others away with your caustic attitude on the forums and abusing bugs in-game, then you're going to attract my attention, which isn't something you want.

Are you house looting, scamming, stealing, PKing, or whatever else using in-game mechanics? No problem. This is Ultima Online, the world is a dangerous place and someone has to be the bad guy.

Are you abusing bugs? Big problem. We're all here to have fun and I don't have time in my hobby for people who are ruining it for others.

Finally, development of our server will be guided by four principles:

While we may choose to accept donations in the future, you have our solemn vow that this server will never have a donation shop of any sort where players receive in-game rewards for real money.

Check back periodically for updates, or come find me on IRC.

Fun facts: