Update: 18 August 2017

I took a 2-week break from developing to move IRL (work-related) but am back in the swing of things. About to push a huge commit of more than 1000 LOC and wanted to touch on something:

A few of you loyal readers have stopped by the freenode IRC channel and got no response. The problem is that I have an infant daughter (and a wife, and a job, and a...) so it's tougher and tougher for me to be on IRC 24/7. However I have a relay script set up, so that if someone mentions my name on IRC, I get an alert on my phone. So if you're there wondering while the channel is dead, it's because:

  1. I'm probably not physically at the computer.
  2. There are no players for a server that's not live.

Hang in there, folks. It's coming.

In the meantime, you can read my previous update from July.